My memory

26 May

Can you imagine I totally forgot about this blog? In fact, this is not the first blog I forget about. I kind of remember I used to have another one years ago…but it is not clear in my mind whether this is actually true. Anyway, I started this blog so I could practice my written English in order to pass a European competition I am involved in. I now get back to this blog and I will probably be writting about law for a while as my exam is about Legal Matters.

Sorry for all this waiting time between posts. I will publish another one this week!! I promise!!




El Rocío and Seville

13 Feb

Last January Iri and I spent a long weekend at Andalucia, Southern Spain. We spent two nights at El Rocío and one more in Seville. El Rocío is a beautiful village specially designed for horses. In fact it is the international horse village as the locals say. It totally reminded me the Old Far West. In may, there is a very famous pilgrimage to this tiny village in order to see the Virgin of the Rocío. One million people wearing typical folk dresses walks across the Doñana Natural Park for a couple of days and get totally mad when arriving to the hermitage where the statue of the Virgin is kept.


After El Rocío, we went to Seville and there we had lunch at this great place: LA BULLA.